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Our Lighthouse Is Powered by the True and Great Light, Jesus Christ!

No matter what your age or nationality is, our Lord Jesus Christ is always going to accept you with open arms once you seek His saving grace. Lighthouse Full Gospel Church Pentecostal, Inc. in San Francisco invites you to become part of our Christ-Centered community and fully appreciate the blessings that he showers on us.

Vision Statement

We are paving the way to make thousands of disciples experience the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Bayview and beyond.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to change lives with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, being disciples and making disciples in Bayview and beyond.

Core Values

G – Grace

R – Reach

O – Outlandish

W – Word of God

T – Truth

H – Holiness

We are determined by the grace we receive from God to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ, to reach the lost and hurting, growing in grace with each other, and building up the discipleship relationship.

We reach up to God in worship completely surrendered. We reach outward to the community around us to bring hope and life. We reach inward to build discipleship relationship.

We aim to be exceptionally excellent in everything.

Word of God
The Word of God is the standard we live by.

It is our aim to function at the highest level of moral conduct—being transparent and accountable to one another.  We believe in being truthful and doing what is right.

We strive to live Holy lives because God requires us to be Holy as He is Holy, and without Holiness, no man shall see God.